Atlantic Bats

We’ve just published a new data paper!

ATLANTIC BATS: a dataset of bat communities from the Atlantic Forests of South America

Muyalert et al. 2017, Ecology

Under the leadership of Renata Muylaert, we compiled a dataset with 135 studies that together summed over 90,000 captures of bats in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay. Those bats, which belong to 98 species of 8 families, were captured in 205 sites.

We hope this large dataset helps advance bat research in the continent by facilitating studies on Community Ecology, Macroecology, and Biogeography, among other disciplines. The metadata are rich with explanations on where the data came from, how they were organized, and how they can be potentially used.

The abstract, data, and metadata are freely available from the link provided above.



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