In addition to carrying out research and educating new scientists, we are also strongly commited to popularizing science. Watch our outreach videos and read our articles in magazines and newspapers.

If you are a reporter and want to interview us, or if you are a citizen interested in sharing knowledge, please contact us.



The blog Sobrevivendo na Ciência (Surviving in Science) contains advice for science students and newbie professors. Website: https://marcoarmello.wordpress.com.

sobrevivendo blog


Guest posts in other blogs

3. 2017, Dynamic Ecology: Doing ecology on a rollercoaster in Brazil

2. 2017, Blog do Ipê: Como evitar o medo, o terror e a escuridão na pós-graduação

1. 2016, Oikos Blog: Field work at home – in the tropics



The blog mentioned above, Sobrevivendo na Ciência, was transformed into a book in 2017. It is sold by Amazon as an ebook for Kindle and also in paperback. Further info in Portuguese: https://marcoarmello.wordpress.com/livro/.


Science popularization websites

The website Casa dos Morcegos (Bat House) was created by Marco Mello and is online since 1999. It was the second Brazilian website focused on demystifying bats for the public.

casa dos morcegos


Science popularization videos


TV and YouTube interviews

8. Mello MAR. 2018. A jornada do cientista. Talk recorded at the Graduate School in Cell Biology of ICB-USP.​

7. Mello MAR. 2018. Disentangling Darwin’s bank. Talk recorded for the Online Botanical Conference 2017.

6. Mello MAR. 2017. What determines the outcome of ecological interactions? Outreach video recorded for YouTube.

5. Mello MAR. 2016. Interview about the results of a project sponsored by CNPq and Fapemig for the youtube channel “Bocaina Biologia da Conservação”.

4. Mello MAR. 2014. Interview about ecological networks, scientific method, and conservation for the youtube channel “Bocaina Biologia da Conservação”.

3. Mello MAR. 2003. Interview about bats for the show “Programa do Jô”, TV Globo. 20th November 2003.

2. Mello MAR. 2001. Interview about bats for the show “Olga Bongiovani”, TV Bandeirantes.

1. Mello MAR. 2001. Interview about bats for a documentary produced by Animal Planet.


Radio interviews

3. Mello MAR. 2018. Interview about a data paper on the mammals of the Atlantic Forest to the show “Conexões”. Look for the show broadcasted on February 15th, 2018, at 10:30 am.

2. Pinheiro RBP. 2017. Interview about the FameLab contest to the show “Ciência & Tecnologia”, Rádio Inconfidência. Look for the show broadcasted on May 15th, 2017.

1. Mello MAR. 2012. Interview about ecological networks for the show “Paideia”, Rádio UFSCar. Look for the show broadcasted on April 10th, 2012.


​​Outreach publications

Some of these publications may be downloaded in PDF format from our dropbox.

17. Vaiano B. 2017. A máquina que trava a ciência. Revista Superinteressante 383: online. (interview given to the reporter)

16. Mello MAR. 2016. Desemaranhando a colina de Darwin. Ciência Hoje 58(343): 50-57.

15. Costa N. 2015. Divulgação: o elo perdido entre o cientista e a população. Blog Ciência com Guaraná, 21/08/2015. (interview given to the reporter)

14. Hampton T. 2012. Influenza A in bats. Journal of the American Medical Association 307(13): 1357. (interview given to the reporter)

13. Gonçalves A.  2011. Morte de morcegos pode causar prejuízos econômicos e ambientais. O Estado de São Paulo Online, 01/04/2011. (interview given to the reporter)

12. Mello MAR. 2010. Redes mutualistas: pequenos mundos de interações entre animais e plantas. Ciência Hoje 47(277): 32-37.

11. Bourscheit A. 2008. Anjos negros. O Eco 28/04/08: online. (interview given to the reporter)

10. Mello MAR. 2007. Morcegos e frutos: interação que gera florestas. Ciência Hoje 41(241): 30-35.

9. Mello MAR. 2007. Os semeadores de florestas. Jornal do Brasil 23/09/07 (117168): A36.

8. Figueiredo L. 2007. Senhores da noite. Revista Terra da Gente 3(35): 36-43. (interview given to the reporter)

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6. Vieira L. 2005. Cara de vilão, vida de mocinho. Revista da Associação Brasileira dos Criadores de Zebú 26: 172-178. (interview given to the reporter)

5. Mello MAR. 2003. Projeto morcegos e plantas. Revista Ciência Online 8: online.

4. Mello MAR. 2002. Morcegos gostam de pimentas. Ciência Hoje 32(189): 74-76.

3. Guimarães B, Penna M. 2002. Morcegos. Revista Superinteressante 181: online. (interview given to the reporter)

2. Mello MAR. 1999. Quem são os morcegos? Tribuna do Sul 489, 11 de junho de 1999. Sombrio, Brasil.

1. Mello MAR. 1999. Wer sind die Fledermäuse? Boletim Inter-Cultural da Associação dos Professores de Alemão do Rio de Janeiro 23: 3.