The Principal Investigator

Prof. Marco A. R. Mello, D.Sc.

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I’m a Brazilian ecologist born in the most beautiful city in the world. Photo by Reinaldo Mizutani.

My research focus is ecological synthesis, mainly related to species interactions and assembly rules of complex systems. Bats have always been my main study model, although I carry out research on interactions between organisms of several groups. I work as a Professor of Ecology at University of São Paulo (USP).

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Current positions

Main interests

  • Science, philosophy, buddhism, photography, and martial arts.

Scientific societies

  • Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung (alumnus)
  • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (alumnus)
  • Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (member)
  • Ecological Society of America (member)
  • American Society of Mammalogists (member)
  • Brazilian Society of Mammalogists (member)
  • Brazilian Bat Research Society (former president, 2013-2015)


I had the honor of being educated as a scientist by Prof. Elisabeth Kalko, who passed away in 2011. My work is dedicated to the memory of my great mentor and friend. Although she is not among us anymore, she will live forever in our hearts and minds. We published a special issue of Chiroptera Neotropical in honor of her memory in 2013.

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