Other courses

Classroom of the field course Ecology of the Amazon, Dimona Farm, Brazil

In addition to the courses I coordinate at my university, I’m also regularly invited to participate in courses from other institutions. Some of them are listed below.

Current courses taught at the University of São Paulo


  1. Oral Communication
  2. Ecological Networks


  1. Animal Ecology

Previous courses taught at other institutions


  1. Ecological Networks (UFMG)
  2. Scientific Method (UFMG)
  3. Field Ecology (UFMG)
  4. Bat Bioacoustics (UFMG)
  5. Community Ecology (UFMG)
  6. Quantitative Ecology (UFMG)


  1. Plant-Animal Interactions (UFMG)
  2. Ecology I (UFMG)
  3. Ecology II (UFMG)
  4. Fundamentals of Ecology (UFMG)
  5. General Ecology (UFMG)
  6. Biodiversity Conservation (UFMG)
  7. Fieldwork Methods (UFMG)
  8. International Relations (UFMG)

Field courses

  1. Ecology of the Amazon (INPA)
  2. Ecology of the Pantanal (UFMS)
  3. Field Ecology (UFMG)